The book you'll want to read!

     Trestle of Death: Murder Unpunished is the riveting true story of a man who was gay, beaten and battered to death--under a railroad trestle--by

two neighborhood toughs. Wayne Watson was no angel but in

no way deserved the fate he received that dark night in 1985!


" bloody as two hog killers!" is the way one witness

described the two assailants who battered Wayne.


           Did homophobia lead to Wayne's vicious death?


Could it be a jury acquitted one of the

admitted "perps" due to homophobia?


      How much "hard time" was served for this crime?


Wayne's case bears striking similarities to the

Matthew Shepard case in Wyoming 13 years later.


How did Wayne's sister play a Herculean role

protecting his reputation after his death?


     This is Bob Holderbaum's first true

crime thriller. His conversational style will lead you

through this complicated yet fascinating case!



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